Why Bounceabout?  Firstly, nothing to do with my size or shape. The name came about when we were living in Indonesia in 1987. We had bought a little Suzuki Jimney 4×4 vehicle. Despite its size and small engine, this car would happily tackle all sorts of off-road terrain. I started planning trips up into the mountains to include other members of our field team with 4x4s. From somewhere came the name Bounceabout Tours – because we……..bounced about. I subsequently joined the local Hash House Harriers  and you may be aware that one of the requirements is that runners have to have a Hash Name. I was duly christened Bounceabout and since then I have found it a convenient name to use at times.

Our Jimney
The Jimney
Towing out a Landcruiser
Towing out a Landcruiser


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