Latest cash for MSF

Well, I was just short of £500.00 on my last blog and I am happy to say that I have surged past that with recent sales, and the total contribution is now £532.00 thanks to sales of 36 copies over the last 5 months. £1,000.00 here we come!

To put things into perspective, each e book sold makes just £0.80 in royalties ($US 1.40). I also sell the odd paperback which brings in a bit more. The book is no Fifty Shades of Grey and my name isn’t J.K.Rowling or Michael Palin, so it is somewhat to my surprise that sales have steadied at around 6 or 7 a month, which I find most satisfying. A Red Letter Day would be sales of more than two on a single day!

It is also interesting to monitor the visits to my website. Just had my first Chinese visitor.

All good fun and all in a very worthy cause.

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