Continuing cash for MSF

At last a much improved reporting system by Amazon now gives me better sight of my sales. It has always been difficult to identify the paperback sales but Amazon has now consolidated these into its overall report and analysis is much easier. I can now see that since the start of publication in May 2017, in addition to the 182 ebooks I knew I had sold, I have also sold 77 paperbacks. What good news! This means that average sales of both versions is just over 8 a month. Interestingly the paperback sales are increasing, supporting the popular view that the ebook is not going to replace the paper printed word in the near future, if at all.

To the end of 2018, therefore, the all important figures are:-

Total donations to MSF have reached £595.00, of which £341.00 is directly from on-line book sales and the remainder is from the magazine article and paperback sales in our local bookshop. Many thanks to all who have bought one or both books.

Hopefully 2019 will continue at the same sort of pace.

Happy New Year to you all.

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