Mystery dog tags

This is a totally new subject but it is very intruiging. It goes back to WWII and concerns an Australian man in the RAAF, an Englishman in the Royal Artillery and a set of military dog tags.

For the story go on-line to BBC Radio Wales and find the podcast of a programme by Lynn Bowles which was broadcast on Sunday 28th August.

Why am I mentioning it? Well, the Australian man is my wife’s father – my father-in-law. Sadly both men are now dead and so the mystery will probably never be solved.

Can anybody add anything? Has anybody come across ‘double use’ dog tags before? You can message me via this website.

The mystery is compounded by the fact that they are stainless steel and the information is engraved. Common dog tags were stamped out of thinner material and were, in fact, usually made of a fibre material for UK servicemen. One tag was green and octagonal and the other round and red. Procedure was that the round one (red, blood) was removed from a body for later record keeping. The octagonal one (green, grass) was left with the body.

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