Covid-19, New Zealand, April 8th

Midnight tonight sees the completion of our first 2 weeks of a potential 4 week lock down. So far, so good here in New Zealand. The rapid imposition of lock down seems to be having the right effect in that our total cases still number only 1,160 with just one death. Yesterday’s new cases fell from previous days. Cautious optimism.

Here at home there is little effect, and that is not to say that we are being at all complacent. We still have our visitors from the UK which means that our food consumption is doubled and that Claire has to make more trips to the supermarket, which is the only place that we are vulnerable to infection. The supermarket has strict controls on movement plus facilities for wiping trolley handles. Direct and indirect contact with staff is avoided where possible e.g. no cash, just cards, ideally using no-contact Pay Wave. After the initial panic buying the situation has settled down and everything seems to be available so far. NZ is fairly well placed as far as self sufficiency is concerned.

The ‘Bear in a Window’ idea has really caught on and many homes now have a furry toy peeping out of a window, for the amusement of passing children (and adults).

Fortunately the weather has been perfect. Sunny days with no wind and just ideal for walking. We are going out for at least a 1 hour walk each day in our local neighbourhood, which means that we can just reach the country and walk along roads that are very, very quiet now. We are also taking our 14 1/2 year old Labrador, Roxie, out for her twice daily but now very slow walks.

There is good news in that our two guests have managed to book confirmed seats on an Air Malaysia flight to the UK, leaving Wellington on an initial Air New Zealand flight to Auckland on Monday 13th April. They are obviously very keen to get back home. Full marks to UK Trailfinders for a first class service.

The grass still needs cutting and Claire continues to potter in the garden, so all normal there. Plenty of stuff on the TV.

Once again we sincerely thank those people in essential jobs who are out there in the thick of it, working to keep our lives running so normally.


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