Into Level 2 Lockdown

Following 4 weeks of strict Level 4 lockdown and then 2 weeks of Level 3, we now move to Level 2 as from midnight tonight, Wednesday 13 May. With statistics of just under 1,500 cases and only 21 deaths it looks as if the firm lockdown restrictions are working, although there is obviously no room for complacency. Converted to a level playing field, our cases represent 310 per million of the population and deaths of 4 per million. Compare this to the UK where the figures are 3,330 cases per million and deaths are 482 (!).

Under Level 3 we have been able to buy takeaway coffee and scones at hastily adapted serving hatches at local cafes, but all on a ‘no cash, no contact basis’. Junk food devotees have also been besieging burger vendors like McDonalds.

Under Level 2 most shops and businesses will be open but customers will be carefully controlled in both numbers and personnal spacing. Traders will have to keep a record of customers’ names and addresses for potential tracing in the event of a new outbreak. We will see a big step back to pre lockdown normality but it will still depend upon individuals sticking to the rules, and evidence shows that unfortunately there are always many who won’t.

For us it means that we can have our son and daughter-in-law round for dinner and our local cinema is also opening. Like many people we speak to, we look forward to spending money to support local businesses and services now they will be open again.

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