And now into Level 1

It seems hard to realise that we have been under some form of lock down for nearly 11 weeks. As from midnight last night (8th June) we have moved to Level 1, which means that all internal restrictions have been removed and only strict border controls remain. Even under the 4 weeks of Level 2 we have been able to go to restaurants, go to shopping malls and the cinema. We used the train to travel to Wellington one day and just had to obey the seat spacing instructions to maintain social distancing. Under Level 1 these social distancing rules have been removed and therefore restaurants and transport can revert to full capacity. Hand sanitising will continue to be encouraged and we should continue to record our movements, either by ‘phone app or by filling in the paper logs available at restaurant and store entrances.

Initial reports are that the economy is already making a recovery and certainly the number of people flocking to the shops and spending money seems to reflect this trend. The tourist industry is still reeling from lock down but Kiwis seem to be keen to ‘get out there’ and put money into local businesses and not least the tourist trade. There is certainly plenty to see and do in this relatively small country. Claire and I are doing our bit by going to New Plymouth for a few days.

Meanwhile the rest of the world still seems to be in the thick of it and our thoughts go out to all those who have been much more directly effected than we have.

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